SiNG-one.zeromultimediaSiNG is a desktop computer operating system specifically designed for use on modern multi-core 64 bit PCs, Laptops, and Netbooks with HD/widescreen monitors.

The custom SiNG desktop makes for a simpler and more productive environment, while at the same time maximizing the usable vertical screen space on modern widescreen screen layouts.

Although SiNG was developed for use on multi-core 64 bit PCs, you don’t need the power of a 64 bit multi-core processor to run it. SiNG really only requires 256MB of memory, and takes steps to minimized the memory footprint of the operating system to give you more resources to run applications.  Even the standard HD desktop background image is reduced to just 145 bytes.

Under the hood:

SiNG is built from a combination of Debian/Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Lubuntu/Xubuntu, and is 100% compatible with the current Long Term Support Version, which provides system and application updates until 2020.

The desktop layout is designed for maximum efficiency after creating and testing over fifty different desktop layouts.  The current layout is handled by a true 64 bit custom SiNG implementation of JWM


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve downloaded the iso file and burned a DVD. Looks like a nice distro. A question: clicking on the desktop brings up applications, but not all of them. Synaptic, for example, is installed and runnable from your distro, but why doesn’t it show up on the menu? How can I modify this menu so that I can get all of my applications there? Thanks.


    1. That’s just a “quick menu” for some common applications. It’s hard coded in the configuration file under /config/SiNG/desktop/

      The application finder launches when clicking the large SiNG start button. It is designed to display everything, including google chrome apps, and any installed Wine apps.

      You could set the desktop menu click to launch the application finder as well if you like, that was one option I was considering when designing the desktop.


  2. Hi. Jeffrey Needle again. Is there a way to hid the SiNG display on the right side of the screen? A lot of screen real estate is used, and I’d like to be able to get this back. Thanks.


  3. Hi. Two questions, if I may:

    1. Is development on this distro continuing? Will there be a new version soon? Or has it become dormant?

    2. The download page has Megashare listed, but the Megashare site says the download is no longer available. Do you think the download page should be modifed?

    Many thanks.


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