Usage Notes

SiNG uses the Ubuntu ubiquity installer, which is capable of installing along side other operating systems, or instead of currently installed operating systems.

During installation the Ubuntu installer may require you to enter new user information and a password during the install. This information will not be used on the installed system, but the preseed options to skip it doesn’t work in many instances.

Once installed, you can initially use SiNG with an admin account (username “admin”) and a password of “password” (without quotes). The password can be changed from the users option in the “System” category in the application launcher.

After installation other system users can be added if you wish, although SiNG was designed to be used as the administrator.  The admin account uses a standard sudo option to run privileged applications, but has full system access where various policy kit restrictions are sidestepped.


4 thoughts on “Usage Notes

  1. I found your distro in the waiting list of DistroWatch. I’ve read through your information about the release, and decided to try it. It’s downloading now from SourceForge. It may be a day or two before I can try it and evaluate it.

    Congratulations on taking the effort to bring new Linux ideas to the desktop, and providing it for others to use.


    1. Thank you. Let me know your thoughts when you try it out, and let me know about any issues so I can place them on the list of fixes/features for a possible future release.


    1. Yes, the config file is in the .config/SiNG/desktop directory. I was considering making a GUI to adjust it, but I never change it so for me personally it just wasn’t worth the effort.


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