Get SiNG

System Requirements :

  • Live Installable DVD: 64 bit Intel Compatible PC, laptop, or Netbook with at least 512 MB of memory, a working DVD drive, and the ability to boot in legacy BIOS mode.
  • Live Installable USB Flash Drive: 64 bit Intel Compatible PC, laptop, or Netbook with at least 512GB of memory, and the ability to boot from USB devices.  USB Flash Drives can boot using either Lagacy BIOS mode or EFI Firmware, where the DVD only supports booting from Legacy BOS.

Get SiNG NOTE: Initial admin password is the word “password” (without quotes).


If you are willing and able to seed a torrent please note the location of the torrent file so I can add it to this page. Just leave a reply below.


11 thoughts on “Get SiNG

  1. Hello You can get a free account at the MEGA website and you can upload both the torrent and the actual iso file there and then list the download location for everyone to use. They have unlimited bandwith and they allow unlimited downloads at no cost to you


    1. Excellent, it’s ready to be downloaded. However it requires either Firefox, Google’s Chrome browser, or Opera (now uses google chrome engine). I’d much prefer a good old fashioned ftp or http URL.


  2. If were in your shoes, I’d put this on Source Forge. It’s the best mirror to upload Linux distros to, and downloading from it is very fast, with mirrors globally.


    1. Working on it now. The web uploader can’t handle large files, so I’m trying to rsync the ISO. I still prefer a direct download link, so I’ll try to to dig one out of a good US mirror once it’s ready.


  3. Could you please give some more info on your “custom SiNG implementation of JWM” ?
    Is it actually a modified version of JWM sources, or just a modified configuration?
    Can I obtain the sources of your JWM implementation, without downloading the entire 2.8 GB iso?


    1. It’s a full 64 bit compile of JWM 2.2 with all options enabled. From there it’s just a custom config, which is sort of a mess because I didn’t want to delete some other ideas that came up as I was messing with it. The desktop config file is located at ~.config/SiNG/desktop/main.cgf on the ISO. The copies I have here are all customized from the one on the ISO with different quick launchers, startup apps, and panel layouts, so it’s best to go with the one from the ISO which accurately represents the other packages you’ll need for a fully functioning environment.


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